Foilco Looks Back at 2022

It’s the first week of 2023, and before we get back to work, we want to look back at everything we achieved in 2022.

We started the year by releasing our new foil Escova Copper (7182). After taking note of the popularity of the original Escova range, we looked to expand the collection by adding Copper, a prevalent colour on its own.

Our Escova foils have a brushed textured finish and are a popular foil for high-end cosmetic, perfume and jewellery brands as they add a textured look to the final print.

Now available in 3 classic Metallic colours Gold (23), Silver (10), and Copper (7182).

Closely following Escova came Molten, a unique and reality-bending foil designed to imitate liquid metal.

2020 and 2021 gave us time to experiment with new and innovative foils, and so came Molten.

Available in Gold (7154) and Silver (7175), these foils allow you to achieve a 3D finish without the need for embossing dies—just another great addition to our ever-growing Specials range.

2022 also saw our return to events such as London Packaging Week, PCD and Luxe Pack. For the first half of 2022, we focused on sharing our new swatch cards, ‘The Fanfold Collection‘. The new cards featured foils such as Astral Plus, Escova, Molten and a new range of holographic foils.

Towards the end of the year, we introduced the world to INDEX, our brand-new swatch book. Exhibitions were the perfect place to get exciting, insightful, and honest feedback about INDEX before we went live in November.

Pixel x Paper x Press
In May, we teamed up with Chaos and Winter and Company to host Pixel x Paper x Press at White Rabbit Studios in Shoreditch – an exciting and exclusive event showcasing the beautiful uses of digital visualisation for use in the packaging industry.

Following the success of our digital foil scans last May, we found out that Winter and Company had also had their materials scanned and uploaded to the Chaos website. With foil scans and digital cover materials now widely available to the design community (through the Chaos material library), we wanted to give our community an insight into all the commercial benefits and creative possibilities that 3D Visualisations offer for brand packaging projects.

We hosted a hybrid-style event alongside a combination of keynote talks and live tech demonstrations. We showcased how we have now provided an unimaginable amount of potential foil and materials combinations (over 300k) for creative applications within the digital landscape.

The Joshua Tree
This year we worked closely again with The Joshua Tree, raising money to help them support families dealing with childhood cancer.

In July, a group of our team headed off to Wales to climb Mount Snowdon and, in doing so, raised over £1700. We are massively proud of their tremendous achievement and are excited to continue raising money for a charity close to our hearts.

Since then, we’ve hosted a Digital Foil Workshop at their support centre and have plans to continue to host workshops for the families and introduce them to our kind of art therapy!

To end the year, we launched our new swatch book, INDEX.

Comprising of over 200 hot stamping foil shades and finishes, this tool was created to inspire, giving you the freedom to rearrange, reorder and recycle at will.

To launch, our team headed over to Material Source and invited designers and creatives from the Northwest region to get an introduction to the new way to specify foil. The feedback and excitement we received from those who joined us was incredible. After three years in the making, we were thrilled to finally introduce INDEX to the world.


We are so happy with what we have achieved as a team in 2022, and we will continue to strive to be part of unique projects and create even more innovative foils in 2023.

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