Export and Distribution

Foilco boasts one of the most efficient and responsive export services in the industry.

This commitment to service has been recognised by Her Majesty The Queen,
awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade in 2019.

Foilco Agents & Partners

We have distributors strategically located in seven countries around the world
and ship goods from our North West site to over 1850 businesses
and printers globally, on a daily basis.

We are always looking to expand our current agent/distributor network
with like-minded and professional people.

If you’re interested in becoming an agent drop us an email to hello@foilco.com.

  • UK
  • Scandinavia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Sri Lanka
  • South Korea
  • Rest of the world



The base location for Foilco and our headquarters.

Located in Lowton between Greater Manchester and Warrington, we are perfectly situated to service the entirety of the UK. Close to major service routes including the M6 Motorway and only 30 minutes from both Manchester and Liverpool John Lennon airport respectively.

Sales representatives are located throughout Britain, as well as a Brand Relationship Manager based in London.


Dreyer Kliche

Dreyer Kliche and Foilco have been business partners since 2008.

Building our successful collaboration required a focus on building competence in our two companies. With Foilco as specialists in foil and Dreyer Kliché in foiling dies, our customers now no longer stand between two suppliers. It is important to see the value in this cooperation together to achieve the optimum results for the customer. We have both learnt much about our respective skill sets and production processes. We have then been able to build on this knowledge.

This has allowed Foilco and Dreyer Kliche to both focus on creativity and innovation and constantly try to push the limit of what is possible. By exhibiting together across Europe we’ve been able to demonstrate this to a wider audience.

Dreyer Kliche og Foilco har været forretningspartnere siden 2008.

Vores succesrige samarbejde er et resultat af stort fokus på opbygning af kompetence i vores to virksomheder. Med Foilco som specialister i folie og Dreyer Kliché som specialister i klicheer, står vores kunder nu ikke længere mellem to leverandører.

Det er vigtigt at se værdien i dette samarbejde for sammen at opnå de optimale resultater for kunden. Vi har begge lært meget om vores respektive færdigheder og produktionsprocesser. Vi arbejder konstant på at bygge videre på denne viden og på at dygtiggøre os yderligere til gavn for alle vores kreative og innovative kunder.

Dette har gjort det muligt for Foilco og Dreyer Kliche både at fokusere på kreativitet og innovation og konstant forsøge at skubbe grænsen for, hvad der er muligt.

Ved at udstille sammen over hele Europa har vi været i stand til at vise eksempler på dette for et bredt publikum.

Email: foil@kliche.nu
Phone: +45 8888 6800
Website: www.kliche.nu




At Foilco, the customer is right in the centre of their strategy.

By offering the largest range of products, Foilco helps the end users and designers to increase the ever-important shelf presence and allow distinction from their closest competitors.

As well as having the widest range available, Foilco also offer an unrivalled level of customer service, where attention to detail and a worldwide network of logistical resources, means that samples can be delivered quickly anywhere in France, for approval prior to conversion

Chez Foilco, le client est au centre de sa stratégie.

En proposant la plus large gamme de produits, Foilco aide les utilisateurs finaux et les designers à augmenter la présence visuel sue le lieu de vente et à se distinguer de la concurrence.

En plus de disposer de la plus large gamme disponible sur le marché , Foilco offre également un niveau de service à la clientèle inégalé, l’attention du détail, un réseau mondial , des ressources logistiques permettant  l’envoi d’échantillons rapide sur toute la France afin de sécuriser le futur tirage.

Email: olivier.dubly@sococom.fr
Phone: +33 785 854491
Website: www.sococom.fr




Foiltech Werner Wiesenborn e.K. are a family owned business, focussing on foils for the print finishing industry (FOLIEN FÜR DIE DRUCKVEREDELUNG).

They have almost 40 years of active experience in this specialized trade.

As partner and agent of FOILCO Ltd. for Germany we can offer a complete range of finishing products, for hot and cold-stamping, transfer or lamination applications.

Our relationship with Foilco continues to grow and their attention to details and flexible approach to satisfying their customers is what keeps them ahead in a competitive market.

Foiltech Werner Wiesenborn e.K. sind ein familiengeführtes Unternehmen, das sich auf FOLIEN FÜR DIE DRUCKVEREDELUNG spezialisiert hat und seit annähernd 40 Jahren in diesem Bereich tätig ist.

Als Partner und Vertretung von FOILCO Ltd. für den Deutschen Markt bieten wir ein komplettes Programm an Folien an für Heiss- und Kaltprägung, Transfer- oder Kaschieranwendungen an.

Unsere langjährige Verbindung mit FOILCO Ltd. ist weiterhin stetig am Wachsen, auch Dank deren kunden- und produktorientierten Ansprüche in diesem Markt eine führende Position zu halten.

Email info@foiltech.de
Phone +49 7164 148873
Website http://www.foiltech.de/naviengl.htm



Moreno Panzani Srl

Foilco has an impressive and so far unmatched range of readily available products in terms of shades and grades.

Combined with consistency of quality and very good service, this has enabled our customers to easily increase their potentials and rely more and more, in time, on us as strategic partners.

La gamma prodotti Foilco con immediata disponibilità, in termini di numero colorazioni, finiture e gradazioni tecniche, è assolutamente unica e tutt’ora ineguagliata.

Assieme a una qualità alta, costante, e a un ottimo servizio, questo ha permesso ai nostri clienti di ampliare nel tempo le proprie potenzialità di mercato.

La Moreno Panzani Srl è presente da più di 50 anni nel settore grafico cartotecnico come agenzia e distributozione; la collaborazione con Foilco la rende oggi un partner ancora più strategico per la propria clientela.

Email: alex@panzanicarta.com
Phone: +39 348 7300343
Email: rik@panzanicarta.com
Phone: +39 348 7300347
Website: https://panzanicarta.com/




Foilco stands for Service, Knowledge, Reliability, Flexibility and ongoing Development!

One of the biggest advantages of Foilco is the communication towards the customers, with the widest range of colours and finishes, all neatly collated in one beautiful brochure, they can supply to every request.

Every customer is treated as important as any other, whether that’s a big brand or a small independent printer, that’s why we wanted to be a partner, working alongside Foilco.

Foilco staat voor service, kennis, betrouwbaarheid, flexibiliteit en is structureel bezig met de ontwikkeling van de producten!

Eén van de grootste voordelen van Foilco is de open communicatie naar U als klant, dit is nodig aangezien wij het breedste pallet van kleuren en verschillende oppervlaktes in huis hebben, dit alles is verzameld in onze uitgebreide brochure.

U heeft dus een oplossing voor elke aanvraag in de hand!

Wij kennen geen kleine – of grote klanten, iedere klant is voor ons belangrijk. Dit is ook de reden waarom Foilco als partner wil optreden tezamen met de klant, de prioriteit is om in elke situatie een oplossing te bieden!

Email: sales@klaassenspapier.nl
Phone: +31 418 562 323


Sri Lanka


Foilco are a great asset for us in Sri Lanka, a much needed game changer in the hot stamping foil industry.

Foilco are able to service the growing digital and packaging industry demands.

Working with such a professional team is an added advantage. From sampling to quality control, with technical support and advice when I need it, there is no other like Foilco. As a Folico distributor in Sri Lanka, we are now geared up to offer our market the very best in hot stamping foils.

Email: rally76@sltnet.lk
Phone: +94 77 7707 654

South Korea


As Foilco’s sole Korean distributor, FolienPro leverages Foilco’s widely diverse stock to offer domestic partners nuanced printing solutions for any and all of their needs.

In addition, thanks to Foilco’s technological advantages, such as 3D visualization and photo-realistic rendering capabilities, we can offer our local customers an unprecedented look at how their final products will appear with our applied foil solutions, and offer insight and alternatives to achieve the exact look they desire.

영국 FOILCO社의 한국 독점에이전트, ㈜ 폴리엔프로입니다.

FOILCO社와 ㈜폴리엔프로는 고객의 브랜드가치 드높이고 크리에이티브 디자인에 기여하기 위해 지난 20여년간 스페셜 고객니즈에 가장 적합한 인쇄솔루션을 제공하기 위해서 부단히 노력해 왔습니다.

FOILCO社는 유럽 유수의 인쇄소들과의 협력을 통하여 세계에서 가장 다양한 포일제품군과 칼라구색을 개발해 왔습니다.  아울러 최신의 3D시각화 렌더링기술을 통하여 완제품 포일디자인을 미리 시현함으로서 고객이 원하는 디자인구현에 통찰력있는 대안들을 제공하고 있습니다.

주소 : 경기도 군포시 당정동 1045번지 군포IT밸리 A동 1807호, 우15850

연락처 :

TEL    + 031-8086-8121

핸드폰   + 010-6220-5729

Rest of the world

Foilco currently distribute to over 65 countries across the globe and continue to develop relationships with customers and print suppliers.

We can service your foil requirements wherever you are located and have industry leading turnarounds from order to delivery whenever you need it.

Regardless of whether you are a big or small business Foilco are always happy to help with foil choices, sampling and finding unusual foils. They are really helpful and approachable people.

Marta Hebda, Dot Studio

When we are looking for a high-end finishing touch for a packaging project, book design or fashion show invitation, the Foilco swatch book is our first port of call.

Studio Thomson

Diamond Print Services have recently invested in a new gilt edging machine along with some machinery which enables us to print digital designs on the edges of books.

Richie Gard, Production Director, Diamond Print

The team at Foilco are always willing to help and their speed and attention to details are tremendous. If I need advice about a foil or process, I know I can contact Jaime or Stephen and their thoughts are invaluable.

Matt Ford, G.F Smith Consultant

When working on bespoke foiling projects for our clients, Foilco is our first choice for range, quality and service. We often don’t have a lot of time but can rely on the Foilco team for great service and quick delivery.

Daniel O'Kane, Imprimerie Du Marais, International Client Manager

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