B Corp

We are proud to announce that Foilco is officially Certified B Corp.

We join a community of over 6000 businesses striving to meet high social and

environmental performance standards, transparency, and accountability.


What is B Corp?


B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. In order to achieve certification, a company must:

  • Demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a B Impact Assessment score of 80 or above and passing a risk review.
  • Make a legal commitment by changing their corporate governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders, not just shareholders, and achieve benefit corporation status if available in their jurisdiction.
  • Exhibit transparency by allowing information about their performance measured against B Lab’s standards to be publicly available on their B Corp profile on B Lab’s website.

“We are on a mission to establish the end-to-end environmental credentials of foil as a decorative finish. That doesn’t stop at simply proving the product’s sustainability. It’s about the way we do business and runs through the entire fabric of our organisation from research and development right through to manufacture, delivery and the collection and reuse of the used material.”

Paul Hornby, Managing Director

How did we achieve B-Corp?



  • Created a clear mission statement for the business to strive towards.
  • Assembled a senior management team to review the company’s social and environmental performance.
  • Monthly business dashboards to offer transparency to the entire staff force.


  • We offer product/service guarantees, warranties, and protection policies.
  • Ensure quality control procedures are performed on every product.
  • Regularly monitor customer outcomes and request feedback on service.


  • Working alongside Two Sides, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to diminish misleading messages about paper.
  • Conducted Pay Equity Analysis.
  • Conducted diversity surveys.
  •  Advocated for adopting improve social or environmental policies.
  • Working with Future Planet, a community working towards a better future for our planet.


  • Water and energy efficiency improvement.
  • Regularly monitor and record waste production.
  • Have a specific set of reduction targets.
  • Company-wide recovery and recycling program that includes paper, cardboard, plastic, glass & metal.



  • Financial management advice readily available.
  • Life Insurance for all staff.
  • Private Supplemental Health insurance for all staff.
  • Access to employee assistance programs.
  • First aid and mental well-being training.
  • A Well-Being committee was formed to give employees their say in day-to-day business.
  • Volunteering opportunities.
  • Fundraising events focusing on our main charity, The Joshua Tree.

What's Next?


Now that Foilco is B Corp certified, we will continue to improve.

As we advance, we aim to:

  • Move to reduce our emissions to net zero by getting involved in projects that help develop communities and the environment in areas that can’t do it alone.
  • Invest in companies that work towards preventing deforestation.
  • Continue to build a more transparent supply chain with the environment at the forefront.

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