Recyclable and Repulpable

We’re passionate about explaining the environmental benefits of stamping foils and it’s of paramount importance to us to change some of the existing misconceptions and perceptions about foiled papers and boards.

Did you think the metallic effect on the foil meant you couldn’t recycle it? You can, as long as the material/substrate that you foil onto is repulpable. Once transferred foil is so thin, that it dissipates within the re-pulping process. #NotAnotherEnvironmentalPolicy

Zero Foil to Landfill

We are environmentally responsible and provide support to the print industry by reducing the amount of foil waste. We are the first foil company to be certified as ZeroFoil2Landfill compliant – A scheme backed by the BPF.

Using a specialist waste management company, Foilco can now work alongside printers and print finishes to recover their own foil waste, which is converted into SRF – a higher quality and more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel(s).

Vegan Product

All our products (except KMS/KMP grades – which include a small amount of beeswax) are vegan-friendly. The foils contain no animal ingredients or animal by-products, no known animal-derived GMOs or genes in the manufacturing process, and haven’t been tested on animals.

Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request and should you wish to find out more about the composition of our foils, you may contact one of our representatives.

Not Another Environmental Policy
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Foilco and The Environment


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