Bespoke Foil Solutions

Our unique foils solution service allows us to create bespoke foils to match your specific project.

Brands often approach us knowing that we can provide unique finishes and bespoke foil colours, which can help make their products really stand out from the crowd. We have worked with and supplied some of the biggest household names on the planet, with one-off bespoke foil colour shades, manufactured specifically to their brand guidelines and specification.

We work with you from the very beginning of the project, all the way through to the finished article.

Bespoke colours and patterns

We can create one-off bespoke colours and patterns created to meet your requirements and specific projects. By constantly finding new designs and solutions we not only satisfy all of our clients but this also gives us a chance to explore innovative ways of using new foils.

Adding bespoke decorative foils to your product will create a unique and eye-catching effect that will easily draw the attention of your customers. Most importantly, adding bespoke foils offer a unique combination of brand protection and brand enhancement.

If you would like to discuss your specific project, contact us today.


Here's a Range of specIalIst foils that we can supply from stock.

Edge Gilding

We supply a small range of specific grades for the edge gilding of books, diaries, playing cards and stationery. But we have success with an extended range of our graphics grades with heavy adhesive coats directly onto the leaves. Please consult for further details.


This specialist stamping die was developed with Dreyer Kliche. It allows the stamping die to deliver two pdf images in the one stamped print. The two images should be contrasting to allow the most movement of the images together. It’s similar to a ‘ flip flop’ hologram, without the need for holographic foil. A range of our metallic colours exist to specifically support this technology.

22 Carat Foil

Used mainly in archive book restoration and historic religious publications. We offer a conventional hot stamping grade that can be used for very high end business cards etc and also a grade for craft gilders transferring with hand tooling.

Conductive Foil

Always striving for new developments within stamping foil, this new patented Foilco product is an environmentally friendly solution that avoids the need for wires, welding and the bulk of a standard circuit board. Please consult our team for further details.

Fresnel Lens

This technology was only ever available as a lamination film. We now work with strategic partners to be able to offer this as a stamping foil. This means when printed on paper and board, the product remains recyclable and re-pulpable, but still has the impact of this unique technology. Must be applied with magic eye registration.

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Foilco champion design and their latest initiative in up-cycling unused film is an exciting new initiative that all manufacturers can learn from.

Daniel O'Kane, International Client Manager, Imprimerie du Marais

The team at Foilco are always willing to help and their speed and attention to details are tremendous.

Matt Ford, G.F Smith Consultant

Regardless of whether you are a big or small business Foilco are always happy to help with foil choices, sampling and finding unusual foils. They are really helpful and approachable people.

Marta Hebda, Dot Studio

When we are looking for a high-end finishing touch for a packaging project, book design or fashion show invitation, the Foilco swatch book is our first port of call.

Studio Thomson

If I need advice about a foil or process, I know I can contact Jaime or Stephen and their thoughts are invaluable.

Matt Ford, G.F Smith Consultant

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