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Stamping Foil

Foilco supply one of the largest ranges of stamping foils

We supply stamping foils for nearly every single type of application and each application is assigned a reference, also known in the industry as a grade. We strongly focus on providing a range of solutions for both brand owners and printers.

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What is Stamping Foil?

Stamping foil is a method of relief in which foils are transferred to a surface at hot temperatures using metal etched or engraved dies. We offer multiple stamping foil grades for specific applications from wood to cloth, from paper to parchment.

Foil for Designers
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Why Stamping Foil

Our selection of holographic hot stamping foils are available in silver, gold, transparent and a range of other metallic colours.


Our Stamping Foil Range

Stamping foil offers the most flexible method of solvent-free printing and it is unique in being able to offer bright, mirror-like, metallic finishes – it is the only way to achieve this level reflection and refraction.


Samples and testing

Sample foiled swatches, pRInteR Rolls oR ask us to test your stock.

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