Cold Foil

Cold Foil

Foilco supply cold foils to suit every print occasion

Using our years of expertise and knowledge we’ve developed a range of cold foils designed to improve your foiling process and experience. We’ve taken into consideration the vast variation in substrates and print processes that can lead to various issues with areas of application.


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What is Cold Foil

Cold foil is the application of a foil layer onto a substrate, this is just one of the methods we use to transfer foils to a surface. We’ve developed a wide range of cold foils for nearly every type of application.

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Cold Foil Grades

Cold foil grades are decided based on the type and quantity of adhesive. Each application is also assigned a reference, known as a grade.

Why choose Cold Foil

Cold foil is a high speed process whereby the foil is bonded to an ink, so there is no need for a stamping die or the use of heat,

Samples and testing

Sample foiled swatches, pRInteR Rolls oR ask us to test youR stock.

Where are Cold Foils used?


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