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Die Cleaning Equipment

Foilco supply a large selection of makereadies

We offer a selection of die cleaning equipment including Die cleaning blocks, Heat foam, Die cleaning brushes. If you are interested in purchasng any die cleaning equipment, contact our team.

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Die Cleaning Block

Die cleaning blocks are used to clear the die image from flakes of foil that may be affecting the print. Die cleaning blocks also have large surface areas to prevent the die image from wearing away.

Foil for Designers
Stack of printed foil card

Heat Foam

Heat Foam is a blue foam that is mainly used on cylinders. You should lay down the heat foam on the hot die plate to protect the foil.

Die Cleaning Brush

A die cleaning brush is a glass fibre brush designed to remove the build-up of paper in metal dies.

Samples and testing

Sample foiled swatches, pRInteR Rolls or ask us to test youR stock.

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