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Digital Foiling Machine

We understand the importance of selecting the right machinery for your projects

With a wide range of foiling machines on the market, we are able to advise using our years of experience in the industry on the correct digital foiling machine for your project. The choice of a digital foiling machine can hugely depend on the size and the type of items you will be foiling.

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What are Digital foiling machines?

Digital foiling machines are mainly designed for short runs or single, personalised productions. Automatic machines like this one are also able to provide more consistent results.

Foil for Designers
Stack of printed foil card

Selecting a machine

Selecting the correct digital foiling machine is important as it ensures your investment is worthwhile and suitable for the print or finishes you require

When should you use a digital machine?

You should use a digital foiling machine when no dies are used or required during production. The foil that should be used with a digital foiling machine are foils that are designed to transfer directly onto an ink, varnish or toner, not the substrate.

Samples and testing

Sample foiled swatches, pRInteR Rolls oR ask us to test your stock.

Find the perfect
foil for your project

Choose the substrate/materials you hope to work with and we'll show you the correct foils from the largest range of grades & shades on the market.

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