Embossing Board

Embossing Board

Foilco supply a wide range of different make readies designed to aid the printing of hot stamping foil.

We’ve developed a range of make readies proven to reduce set up time, improve the quality of the foil print and ensures consistency through short and long runs. If you are interested in purchasing Embossing boards, contact our team today.

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What are embossing boards

Embossing board is a soft yellow board to be used in conjunction with blind embossing dies to form the male counterpart. Embossing board is also known as Coverboard.

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Embossing board supply

We supply embossing board in the following size:

483mm x 610mm

Why Embossing Boards

Embossing board can significantly reduce the make-ready time when compared to powder techniques which involve prolonged drying time

Samples and testing

Sample foiled swatches, pRInteR Rolls oR ask us to test your stock.

How do use an embossing board

Attach a piece of Epoxy Glass board or Pertinax to the make-ready plate of your machine.

Cut a suitable piece of yellow Embossing Board and place it over the Epoxy Glass or Pertinax with double sided tape.

Run the machine through one impression, making sure that the Embossing Board is in the correct area for the die to hit.

Wet the Embossing Board with water (this enables the Embossing Board to shape itself to the female die) and run the machine through 5-6 impressions.

When this is complete there will be an exact copy of the die on the Embossing Board. However, the edges of the die will be showing, these edges should be removed by chamfering.

When the above steps have been completed, the new counter should be protected by placing a piece of soft blotting paper over the top of the Embossing Board.

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