Epoxy glass

Epoxy Glass Board

We understand the importance of using the correct makereadies

This makeready is highly recommended when hot stamping fine to medium detail prints. Epoxy glass board is an extremely strong and durable resin based make-ready. Epoxy glass board can also be used with other materials such as cover board and pragotherm. If you are interest in purchasing Epoxy glass board, contact our team today.

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Epoxy Glass Board

Due to the flatness of the board, correct pressure is given across the makeready. it is recommended for all types if work from fine detail to solid areas and can be used on both platen and cylinder presses.

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We supply

Foilco supply Epoxy Glass Boards:

  • 711mm x 1015mm at 0.4mm thickness
  • 711mm x 1015mm at 0.8mm thickness

Why Epoxy Glass Board

Epoxy glass board is a very resilient material and is extremely difficult to dent, which makes it ideal for very long production runs so reducing makeready time. The material has been designed for repeated use on different jobs without any effect on quality.

Samples and testing

Sample foiled swatches, pRInteR Rolls oR ask us to test your stock.

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