Clubbers Transparent 699

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These renders have been created to give you the most realistic likeness of a decorative foil in digital form. The colours seen are a true scanned representation of the foil shades, however, monitor and screen settings can differ from user to user. Foilco provide complimentary samples and testing services for our entire product catalogue so we ardently encourage you to see a physical sample before specifying its use on a print project. For permission to use or to request digital images (JPEG) of our foils, please contact our Marketing Department at

Clubbers Transparent 699



Clubbers UV 699 is one of Foilco’s most unique Transparent foils. This foil is produced in a Security finish and is available for Hot Stamping.

Before placing an order, requesting samples or sending in materials for testing, please check that you are choosing the most suitable grade for your required project. Grade data and print information can be found by clicking the grade’s initials below.

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If you need to create foiled proofs to win a client or to help them make a decision, we'll send you sample rolls of foil to help you along.

Complete the request form with details of your foil printer and artwork, along with the width and length you need. We'll then send it out to you - usually within 24 hours.

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Can we foil on this?

Got something a bit wierd that you want to try foiling? Be it a leather handbag or a range of surfboards, you can send it in to our sampling team to test and figure out the best foil solution for you. You'll need to cover the postage costs, but outside of that we don't charge.

Please include the following reference with your package so we can ensure we don't think we're being sent a thank you gift!

Reference: RVZ68

How does it look?

Sometimes you or your clients just want to know how the finished product will look on your chosen stock.

If this describes you, let us know what stock you're using and we'll send you a foiled test card showing you what you can expect on the finished product before sending it to print.

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