Foilco supply makereadies to aid the printing of hot stamping foil

Here at Foilco we offer a selection of different makereadies created to improve the overall look and process of the hot stamping foil. Pragoplast is excellent for producing shallow embossed detail. If you would like to purchase Pragoplast, contact us today.

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What is Pragoplast

Pragoplast is a cream coloured sheet with self-adhesive backing, usually used when blind embossing paper and thin board. Pragoplast is excellent for producing shallow embossed details; it is quick and easy to use as the male counter is formed in register by the die

Foil for Designers
Stack of printed foil card

We Supply Pragoplast

Pragoplast is a blind embossing paper and thin board.

Why Pragoplast

Pragoplast is normally used when embossing dies for cold blind embossing. Pragoplast is suitable for use on platen and cylinder machines. However, for deep embossing, an alternative product should be used.

Samples and testing

Sample foiled swatches, pRInteR Rolls oR ask us to test your stock.

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