Premium Foils for Bookbinding & Box Coverings

Introducing our new Book and Box specialised foil range, known as Abecedarium.

Bringing you a beautiful collection of new stamping foils, each rich in colour and diverse in finish; selected for their performance on bookbinding and cover materials, specifically tested across the complete range of Winter & Company products.

We understand how difficult it can be to include high quality metallic foil finishes onto book cover materials and we are confident that these purposefully formulated grades can outperform any existing offerings within the market. Through rigorous testing in collaboration with Winter & Company’s paper and board stocks we have produced a comprehensive range of rich metallics and strong pigment stamping foils not seen before in the industry.

Within the folds of the pack lie four beautiful examples of foiled material, such as Midnight Blue 6944 printed on Wibalin Sharade Lustra Bronze (image left). As well as the printed cards, the foil swatch is accessible as soon as you open the Abecedarium with the full range displayed with their codes and stylish new names respectively. Lastly, the Abecedarium includes a companion booklet wrapped in Sea Green Wibalin Buckram stock, detailing our foils’ optimal printing conditions and guidance on how to get the best quality from your prints. Our goals with this new collection is to inspire and challenge the book and box industry.

We see this collection of foils as such a significant breakthrough for Foilco (and the industry) that, for the first time ever, we have taken the decision to introduce names to this wonderful range . From Coastal Gold and Ghost Silver, to Bordeaux Red and Santorini Blue; we’re hoping these names resonate with creatives within the graphics and print industry, making the selection process more fun than ever before.

Rearming creatives with the necessary tools to design delicate covers that won’t be compromised in print and we hope you’ll find nothing but complete satisfaction with this collection for your next book and box project.

To request a copy, email hello@foilco.com.

Foils by Foilco Ltd.

Dies by Dreyer Kliché.

Materials by Winter & Company UK.

Design by Design LSC

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