A New Look For Foilco

This is our new identity.

Launched at Multiplicity London on the 2nd May to a crowd of over 400 creatives, Foilco revealed the new brand.

The Foilgon, Foilco’s new logo

Designed by StudioDBD and lead by Dave Sedgwick – “We’d been working alongside Foilco for a number of years, firstly on their Multiplicity events and subsequently helping them launch their WORKSHOP series. Foilco have always had a positive and creative opinion on the work we have previously produced for them and it was obvious from very early into the research period that they had a big future planned for the company.

By hosting and organising events and being more heavily involved within the creative community, they quickly realised the need for a more consistent, modern and considered brand approach. Last year we sat down to discuss some initial ideas and it was clear that Foilco were very open-minded about a potential change”

Change we did – Looking at everything from the logo, the typefaces we used throughout the business, the current website and the way foil was photographed.

Animation of the new identity

“We wanted to clarify as much as possible what Foilco offered. We worked together to understand that there were eight key types of foil that Foilco supplied as well as eight core industries that they marketed to, which gave us a starting point.

We also looked at the company’s core values and beliefs, whilst also identifying the business areas that made Foilco different from other foil suppliers.  The number eight started appearing again and we were able to clearly identify eight core principles that help Foilco stand out from the crowd (not too dissimilar to the product that they supply) – they are Knowledge, Discovery, Possibility, Inspiration, Innovation, Conduct, Process and Responsibility.”

The End of a Roll of Foil

Inspiration for the logo was found in a major symbol synonymous with the foil industry – the roll. The rolls are extremely impactful in various sizes and are integral to the product itself but from a creative point of view they can be simplified to a circular shape. Using eight circles (representing the foil types, markets and company values) and connecting/interlocking them around a central point, the shape created within this ring of circles is now the Foilco mark – aka the ‘Foligon’. Foilco is at the heart of the values and the product, which is represented by the letter ‘F’. Bold and classic, the shape is unique to Foilco.

The Foilco Logo Process

Dave Sedgwick – “We decided to go for a black and white colour scheme for the logo and only use colour through the foil itself. Therefore we needed to create a series of foil images that showcased foil in the most alluring way. The brief for the photographer was to make the foil look both appealing and interesting, whilst also relatable to a creative audience.

We worked closely with the London-based photographer Andy Mackie, supported by set designer Elena Horn and set assistant Chris Hoare. They helped to produce some really innovative and exciting shots, the style of which has never been seen before in the industry.  A combination of delicately balanced, art directed shots combined with an array of abstract images, allows us to form the foundations of the company’s identity. Foil needed to be and should always be at the forefront of Foilco’s communications, and these images allow us to do just that.”

Foil photography just got sexy.

That’s not all, we wanted more. Looking no further than the extensive design talents of Face37, Rick Banks has created businesses new typeface, completely unique to Foilco. Influenced by the way in which foil twists and turns through the machines onto the rolls and galvanised by the smooth curves and lines created from the process, Rick designed the perfect foil typeface – Pamela. As a company we are inspired by the many people around us, none more so than Pamela Hornby – the wife of Foilco’s founder David and mother to the current owners (Matt and Paul).

Our new Typeface, Pamela.

“Finally we needed a series of statements and messages that would help launch the new brand. One of the reasons people use foil in their design work is because they’re looking to make something stand out or to focus someone’s attention. The tone of voice and copy is key to the new brand and again we wanted the foil to be at the heart of this. Messages such as ‘I WAS MADE TO STAND OUT’ and ‘I WASN’T MADE TO BE QUIET’ are pretty bold statements, read as if the foil itself is saying them.

However, they are still relevant to Foilco, the company is innovative, it’s confident and always prepared to be different but it’s not being arrogant or egotistical about it.” Continued Mr Sedgwick.

The full animation video of our rebrand can be found at


The consistent, running theme of the figure of eight is what drives us. Eight core values, eight types of foil, and we supply to eight main industries. The number eight is also synonymous with infinity and with over 300 shades and finishes in stock, join us to explore the infinite possibilities of foil.

Art direction – @studiodbd
Photography – @andy_mackie
Type (Pamela) – @_face37
Animation – @jhuson_

Branding Collage 1
Branding Collage 2
Brand Collage 3

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