A Pukka Collaboration

Both companies continue to pursue the most sustainable practices within their respective industry’s

Finding companies and brands who have a truly organic view on sustainability, can be rare.

It would be even rarer to find an established household name, who continue to identify only the most effective, eco-conscious processes AND whose aim it is to procure the most organic and ethically sourced ingredients from across the planet, to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Here’s where we find Pukka. A market leader in the supply of nature’s finest herbs and a producer of beautifully aromatic teas and essential food supplements.

From an environmental standpoint, Pukka are easily one of the most inspiring and ethical companies around.

So when Pukka insisted that their next packaging project must of exceptional print quality and have all the eco-credentials they come to expect (in-line with company brand guidelines), Foilco were jubilant to hear that stamping foil was up for consideration.

Foilco (a great investor in environmentally friendly practices and processes) met the Pukka team at one of this year’s Future Planet meetings. A community collective of brands and businesses who have made it their purpose to do more for the planet’s health and to help ensure there is a brighter, greener future for all.

Our very own Paul Hornby was part of a very select group of guest speakers. The line-up was full of individuals who were influential in the procurement and sourcing of sustainable products and practices. Paul’s talk revolved around the recyclable nature of stamping foils and its levels of re-pulpability. He spoke passionately about how the packaging industry shouldn’t have to compromise on style or design to comply with their environmental positioning. Paul also drew attention to Foilco’s industry-leading green initiative – Zero Foil 2 Landfill – a scheme supported by the British Printing Industries Federation.

During his talk, the Managing Director of Foilco spoke at length as to how the company aims to negate the requirement of landfill for foil waste product and how that it can be recovered and reused for the greater good. Paul continued to talk at some length about the company’s passion to support their customers, creating a partnership agreement which meant printers could sign up and also offer this initiative out to their clients (brands). The foil waste is recovered and sent through a specialist waste management process, where it would be turned into SRF (solid recovered fuel) to be used in the process of generating sustainable energy through thermal power.

Stamping foil is one of the most eco-friendly print method used in commercial practices today and couple that with the work Foilco are trying to push with the Zero Foil 2 Landfill scheme, you can see why the team at Pukka might have asked for a little more info.

There’s nothing negative in these negatives

ZeroFoil2Landfill branded bins and bags

A closer inspection of the Pukka sheets

Three months later, the foils were specified, the recycled papers were chosen, even vegetable-based glues had been tested and the covers for the Pukka Tea Selection Box were on the press. The beginnings of a truly recyclable selection box were in motion.

Foilco had the pleasure of attending the press pass day at Pollard Boxes Ltd, who were already advocates of the Zero Foil 2 Landfill scheme, where quality control and sampling were the aims of the day. Happy with the results from the first full passes, the Pukka team left the facility happy, knowing they had produced an incredibly beautiful yet practical selection box with all the green credentials they come to expect as standard.

Foilco would later recover the waste and the production was complete.

For more information about Foilco’s ZeroFoil2Landfill initiative and how your printing business can be accredited like Pollard Boxes Ltd., contact your local Foilco representative or alternatively email hello@foilco.com and we’ll send you everything you will need including a copy of our #NotAnotherEnvironmentalPolicy digital pack.

The Final result

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