Foilco Solution Award Winners

We won! – The Solutions awards for Finishing

It’s the start of a new year and we’re finally getting a chance to reflect on some of our highlights from 2019, starting off with our win at the 2019 Solutions Awards.

We were lucky enough to be nominated for the Solutions Award for Finishing along with Empress Litho and Laser Bureau (some very strong competition) and with some cheeky advertisement and help from our peers and fellow creatives we managed to reel in a win!

Our Disruption & Distinction packs were the result of a beautiful collaboration between us, G.F Smith and our stellar design partner Studio DBD. This was also the first giveaway we created to showcase our new brand which happened at Multiplicity London in May!

When creating the Disruption & Distinction pack we wanted to make sure that we were showing as many foil possibilities. Foils are used to make products stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of customers and passers-by.

The collection consists of 2 packs, each includes an array of paper colours and foil combinations, showcasing the ways in which hot stamping foil can be us to emphasise a dazzling visual. We started by identifying 12 strong shade choices from G.F Smith’s well known Colorplan range.

The combinations created show how there are no limitations when it comes to making art work or packaging with the help of foil.

The Packs

Pack 1 includes:

Colorplan Emerald + Rainbow Gold Holographic (210F00)
Colorplan Candy Pink + Shadow Gloss Blue (774)
Colorplan White Frost + Club Fluorescent Pink (6638)
Colorplan Bright Red + Mirage Satin Blue (6645)
Colorplan Real Grey + New Penny Sheen Copper (6734)
Colorplan Imperial Blue + Ghost Satin Silver (6110)


Pack 2 includes:

Colorplan Adriatic + Broughton Satin Copper (6732)
Colorplan Mandarin + Maui Sheen Blue (6716)
Colorplan Citrine + Rainbow Black Holographic (600F755)
Colorplan Turquoise + Benevolent Metallic Gold (6015)
Colorplan Ebony + Prinstine Gloss White (701)
Colorplan Cool Blue + Amp Gloss Orange (620)


If you’d like to get your hands on a set of our shade cards to show you the possibilities then drop us an email to and we’ll be eager to help!


Designed by @studiodbd
Paper by @gfsmithpapers
Dies by @dreyerkliche

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