Company Announcement: COVID-19


The world currently finds itself engulfed in an air of uncertainty and with the continuing developments and advice surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) changing on a daily basis, Foilco wants to reassure customers, collaborators, and partners that we are absolutely committed to delivering everything that you have come to expect of us so far.

We lead our industry in customer service, product quality, and delivery. In light of the unfolding events, we want you to be confident that Foilco is here to help you through these times and ensure business continuity.

Foilco are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and are monitoring, every hour, each national update so that we can ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and plan ahead effectively.  We are taking increased measures to maintain business continuity and protect the health of our employees.

We will enroll in protocols as set by the UK & Ireland Governments with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, along with regular updates and advice received from each region/country occupied by one of our many international representatives/agents.

Across all of our teams, we have introduced the following measures of precaution:

  • Postponed all planned events and conferences until further notice.

  • Scheduled frequent ‘deep clean’ activity by our cleaning team out of hours.

  • Reduced on-site visits by increasing the use of video conferencing or teleconferencing software.

  • Issued all employees with ‘personal hygiene’ packs and strengthened our hygiene policy.

  • Introduced improved personal workspace hygiene practices.

  • Removed all material towels and replaced them with disposable paper options and dedicated bins.

  • Removed all conventional cutlery and plates and replaced them with disposable environmental options.

  • Improved the ‘working from home’ policy and invested in I.T. assets and training

  • Networked our telecoms to include home workers and connect them to the business.

  • Implemented isolation production patterns – ensuring customer service continuity.

  • Employed on-site breakdown engineer to support extended production capacity output.

  • Increased stock items.

We are preparing for different scenarios and have created a robust disaster recovery plan to ensure that work will continue and that neither service nor product will be affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Foilco have several production sites all over the world. During this global crisis we are able to move to produce stocks in whichever location is best placed at the time. We have supply chain agreements in place to ensure stock replenishment is maintained to reflect market demands.

The senior leadership team took the decision, 6 months ago, to increase our stock holdings in preparation for Brexit at the end of 2019 and this action was taken to remove any potential risks for our customers and consolidated our supply chain. With the potential threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) still undetermined, this excess stock means that customers will have access to the largest stocked catalogue of stamping foils in the world, meaning we will have a solution for you and your business, whatever the requirement. We do not foresee any delays in delivering our product to you and service will be unaffected. If there is a non-stock item required, we are entirely confident that we can rely on our extensive supply chain to fulfill all orders.

Our warehouse and processing plant will continue to stay open for as long as possible, and in line with any UK Government advice. Any customers with outstanding orders will be notified immediately of any potential closures.

It is a difficult time for us all, we wish you all good health and thank you for continuing trust in us and understanding of the situation that is afoot.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for help with any questions or queries.

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