From Denmark, With Love


Consisting of four different Foilco foils and an array of creative stamping die techniques, this card has been designed to really stand out. Microstructures and multilevel embossing adorn the front of these festive cards, all foiled onto Iggesund’s impressively versatile Invercote G 300gsm stock. These little details create drama, intrigue, and a tactility unachievable through other print mediums.

We all love the finer things in life and this card showcases a plethora of impressive techniques and details that must be seen up close to be truly appreciated. None more so than the company’s unique Espialle die. Requiring only a single impression, these dies create two images that can be seen when tilting the card in a flip-flop motion.

Text, bespoke artwork and even photography can be implemented into this fascinating innovation. No specialist printing or holograms required, only the limitations of your imagination.

Foilco have a handful of these beautiful cards available, which can be requested by emailing

Dies: @dreyerkliche
Foils: @foilcoltd
Paper: @inspirebyiggesund
Photography: @jonathanbeerphoto

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