ISO14001 Announcement



Foilco Ltd understands Environmental awareness is present in the majority of economic sectors.

“Environmental friendliness and sustainability are no longer only of interest to enthusiastic idealists”

No company can afford to make environmental policy low-priority. Customers and investors are requesting more and more often that clear steps towards improving environmental balance should and will be demonstrated.

Historically, at Foilco Ltd we have always sensibly organised its internal activities aligned to the responsible protection of the environment, being able to use our own ideas and concepts for good environmental management.

However, what is being done internally for environmentally friendly production is then not transparent for external groups (customers, investors, creditors). Moreover, the effectiveness of these self-created environmental management systems may not be fully appreciated by external parties.

“What can Foilco do about this”?

Recognising we were already ‘doing the right thing’ wasn’t sufficient to reflect this commitment, we needed to find a way of presenting Foilco to customers and business partners as a company that demonstrably supports environmental protection on an international level.

We decided that the application for certification to the ISO 14001:2015 standard would be made

“There were many improvement tools and lean methodologies involved in the standard which were existing ‘ways we work’ such as plan, do, check, act – (PDCA) and strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats – (SWOT)” said Graham Towns, General Manager.

Graham Towns – Foilcos General Manager

Graham Towns – Foilco’s General ManagerAt the final audit where certification is determined the BSI operations manager stated – “there were no major or minor non-conformance(s) at any point of the assessment”

“A first in my career as a BSI ISO auditor”

We now have a dual business management system that incorporates the 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standard that is demonstrable on an International basis.

Strategically, there are future aspirations to combine the two standards to form an integrated management system – IMS to optimise the return on investment. This being immensely important to Foilco has led to the creation of a new role within the business ‘Environment and Standards Officer’.

For more information about our environmental policy, please contact to place your request.

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