Specialty Foils Released


Foilco are proud to introduce a collection of eight unique packs containing foil samples for each different type of finishing requirement and/or application. These packs have been produced, collated, and designed specifically with a different audience very much in mind.

The packs are as follows (and are in no particular order):

&More – Hot Stamping

The & More packs contain all our most recent foil additions to our hot stamping catalogue including the Astral Range, Clarity, our newest rainbow colours, a selection of brand-new pattern variations, UV responsive and scratch-off foils.

We are always developing more finishes, colours, and effects in stamping foils so not all of them make it into our books and shade cards. Some are formulated to solve print industry issues or to meet specific requirements; others are designed to meet trend demands & differing palates. We also create some simply because they are impactful and beautiful.

D – Digital

Designed specifically for the digital market, these foils have been produced for application to toner as well as some varnishes. The digital foiling market is for the production of variable or short-run foiling.

B – Bookbinding

Designed specifically for the bookbinding market, these foils have been produced for application to bookbinding materials, clothes, and leathers. Bookbinding foils are used in the specialist production of diaries, hardback books, stationery, and rigid boxes.

T – Textile

Designed specifically for the textile market, these foils have been produced for application to textile by silk screen varnish. Textile foils are used for the production of garments to add shine and a luxurious finish to the fashion industry.

C – Cold

Designed specifically for the flexo cold foil market, these foils have been produced for application to labels through the cold foil process. Cold dieless foil is used in the high-speed production of labels where the foil is pressed onto a varnish which is then dried by Through Cure UV to bond the foil to the label.

V – Varnish

Designed specifically for the digital varnish market, these foils have been produced for application to silk screen and UV varnishes. Digital foiling specialisation is for the production of variable or short-run foiling without the use of metal dies.

W – Woodgrain

Designed specifically for the plastic extrusion market, these foils have been produced for application to products such as furniture profiles, tile trims, plastic compounds, and picture frames. Woodgrain foils are used to make plastics and some papers, look more like wood.

J – Just For You

A personalised pack created just for you. This pack is different to the other offerings within the collection as it will contain only the foils that you specify to see. You can request a selection of foils from a specific grade, or shade, or a mixture of items that are relevant to particular project or client.

The beautiful boxes in which all the cards are contained have been crafted using a warm selection of colours from Fedrigoni’s Sirio Color range including Limone, Arancio, Cherry & Vino to name but a few. Foilco needed a range of colours that not only complimented each other well but stood out on their own. All the outer cases have been foiled onto Sirio 210gsm stocks, in either Foilco’s Just Black (700) or Pristine White (701) Gloss Pigment Foils.

The graphics and artwork adorning the boxes were styled by long term collaborator @studiodbd using our very own font, Pamela – designed by the brilliant @__face37__ . The font was named after Foilco’s founder’s wife (and current owner’s mother) in honour of her continued support and dedication behind the scenes of the company.

The dies were created and supplied by @dreyerkliche and photography by @thomatkinson.

These packs are generally specific to one particular industry and application, which means not all the packs (collectively) will be relevant to any one person. It is important to understand what your foil requirements are and whether the pack is the right product for your project. We can and will offer advice on identifying the perfect foil types for your project.

If you would like to get your hands on one of the above packs, you can email hello@foilco.com, call (+44 01942 26 26 22), or request one via our online contact form at www.foilco.com.

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