A Growing Green Scheme


We take a look at the positive impacts that our customers are making to the world around them with an update from Graham Towns, Foilco’s General Manager, on the performance metrics surrounding our Zero Foil To Landfill initiative.

“Now that we are accredited to the BPIF zero foil to landfill initiative, which has been operating now for over three years, the introduction of the returned ‘unused foil’ partnerships with our major customers has led to the pro-rata increase in the volumes and time managed throughput in our logistical operations.

Foilco Ltd has introduced the facility for customers to return unused foil material either indirectly or directly to the processing operations and avoid 100% landfill as an advancement of the initial scheme function.

This has been met with considerable customer enthusiasm and consequent take up – reflected in the significant increase in material management from 5.5 tonnes in 2017 to 107 tonnes in the last operational year.

This is a massive increase of 95% landfill avoidance and a testament to the commitment of the Foilco Ltd Sales and Logistics team that work continuously to maintain our 14001:2015 certification and will contribute to future aspirations to achieve B Corporation status.”

“Foilco continually assesses the most environmentally responsible methodology of reduced transportation and carbon impact for this initiative by offering several options to manage returns of unused foil materials from our business partners. All details are provided through our trained sales team.

Increased material handling time – now 50 hours per year has been realigned to the stock control function by the introduction of phased ‘material baling’ system – achieved through a 2-stage investment over 4 years. This has removed no production time from the machine operators to maintain customer order fulfillment.”

Graham Towns – Foilco General Manager

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