A Little Thought


The final product – Thought Whisky.  (Photography)

Foilco are excited to announce the first digital-to-print project designed specifically to utilise and realise the capabilities of the companies brand new industry-changing tech announcement, digital foil material scans – THOUGHT.


Foilco thought it would be amazing for agencies and clients if they could accurately depict the real-life look of their hot stamped foil choices in promotional CGI.

Chaos thought that their world-class scanning technology would allow them to capture Foilco’s vast range of hot stamping foils accurately.

D8 thought that this limited-edition single malt Scotch whisky label could use a range of Foilco products to show off what can be achieved with foils in print.

Where Giants Roam thought they could showcase the concept by recreating the label, foils and all, as photorealistic CGI to bring the technology to life.

Look what a little thought can do.

Where Giants Roams’ work is indistinguishable from the ‘real’ thing. (Render)

Recently launched, the digital foil material scans project had already brought together multi-award-winning digital creative agency Where Giants Roam and world-leading computer graphic technology company Chaos.

The THOUGHT project is the very first time the technology will be put into practice and will showcase just how this new advancement will benefit both the creative and print industries. This is a great way to highlight to everyone just how these scans will fit within a project’s lifecycle, which takes you from the early concept, development and specification stages, all the way through to the final printed results” – Jaime Evans, Marketing Manager at Foilco.

We needed a design agency that really understood stamping foils and a team that would create something thought-provoking and powerful in such a way that puts the tech to the test. We have always admired D8’s creative work and specifically their projects within the spirits industry. They are a perfect fit for this launch.”Continued Jaime.

Collaborative working to change the way people view foil is high on Foilco’s priority list. (Render)

The D8. Team got to work designing a unique concept Whisky brand called ‘THOUGHT’.

THOUGHT is a visual representation of the tech in play and the team chose a very nice blended malt to base the brand around. The whisky is a representation of the blending of all four parties and the part that they play within this project; Foilco have the products, D8. have the creativity, Chaos have the technology and Where Giants Roam have the skills to bring it all to life. The idea is to take a digitally designed, photorealistic mock-up and to end with a physically produced product that wouldn’t look out of place in a real retail setting.

“The label and brand concept came from the thought process that led to this four-way collaboration between Foilco, Chaos, D8, and Where Giants Roam. With this being a four-sided collaborative piece, we felt that using a four-sided form showed the coming together of the companies focusing on a common goal. Each one using its own strengths to further the project goal.” Steven Bonner, Creative Director D8.

The Thought labels consist of four unique foils. (Photography)

Foilco and D8. are introducing a very limited production run of the whisky, which will be sent out to brands and businesses that will benefit from the knowledge and understanding of this technological advancement.

The digital foil scan materials can all be viewed on Foilco’s website (www.foilco.com/foil-range) and downloaded directly from Chaos’ material library found through their website (www.chaosgroup.com).

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