The Snow Queen


One of our most recent collaborations with the wonderful Dreyer Kliche. A selection of prints inspired by the original fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

There are a multitude of techniques used within The Snow Queen Series, from Micro-structure and ‘Diamond’ embossing to foil on foil and multilevel embossing. These are all techniques you may have seen in our recent Lucha Libra Wrestler Mask Boxes.

One of our favourite techniques is Microstructure. This can be seen on the main print of our Snow Queen, by using the microstructure technique to create snowflake and icicle details on the walls of her snow palace without distortion to the paper.

Accompanying the prints is a collection of intricately detailed boxes showcasing the Snow Queen herself.

The details captured on the boxes are created using the halftone effect, simulating a continuous tone using dots. The variations of size and shape of the dots create a gradient-like effect, and in this case, the variety of dots imitate the shadows across the Snow Queen’s face.

Our foils are also layered to add depth and facial details to the final print, this is a great technique which gives a 3D look to the flat image.

The Snow Queen boxes are a great example to show that foil is not limited to words and lines, ourselves and Dreyer Kliche, have the tools and techniques for you to create something out of this world and inspirational. The world of foil is never limited to just a flat print.

Some notable foil mentions are the range of Holographic colours that can be found within the prints including the following –

Party Holographic Blue (573F10)

Iceberg Holographic Silver (100F14)

Prism Holographic Blue (555F00)

Party Holographic Red (790F10)

If you would like to know more about the techniques used or would like to request a sample, then please send us an email to or call us on +44 (0) 1942 26 26 22

Paper: Holmen Iggesund

Dies: Dreyer Kliche

Foil: Foilco Ltd

Photography: Thom Atkinson

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