Introducing The Tiara.

A spectacular selection of tiaras created to show you just what can be achieved with unlikely pairings of foil. Some foils you may not consider pairing together can create something exceptional.

By experimenting with finishes and patterns you can produce a print that is totally unique to you and your brand. Whether you pair a simple metallic with another or throw caution to the wind and pair a bold fluorescent with a delicate pigment we know you will be able to find the perfect combination with our huge foil selection.

All of the foils featured on the Tiaras can be found in our brand new fanfold range and on our website

Just like the Snow Queens these tiaras are covered in technique and precision printing.

To achieve the textures that can be found on the Tiaras we have used the diamond embossing technique. This creates the realistic illusion of diamonds covering the tiara, from big to small the details of a diamond can be felt in each one.

A simple embossing technique has also been used to create the perfect pearls that flow across the tiara and the smaller intricate details that can be found around the band.

To finish off, each tiara has been die cut so not only is it a gorgeous work of art on the page it is also a wearable work of art!

For the Tiara’s we have gone with a huge selection of foils ranging in colours and finishes to create these one of a kind range.

We have holographics and satins to patterned and pearlescents and each unique pairing works effortlessly to make the tiaras eye catching and captivating.

Here is just a few of the foils used in this range

Slick Pattern Silver (6759)

Iceberg Holographic Blue (581F14) 

Champagne Satin Gold (6109) 

Wisp Pearlescent Pink (252)

Mottled Pattern Gold (6754) 

Dies: Dreyer Kliche
Foil: Foilco
Paper: Holmen Iggesund
Photography: Thom Atkinson


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