Craig Black – The Hazard

Foilco and Craig Black collaboration like no other.


Recently Foilco were approached by the incredibly talented Craig Black, to see if he could use our foils on his entry into The Sneakers Generation exhibition held at Galerie Sakura in Paris.

The exhibition took place on Sept 8th – Nov 14th and showcased the creative and artistic talents of hundreds of individuals whose canvas is that of a true street classic, the mid-top Air Jordan 1.

Craig’s acrylic fusion technique has become synonymous with his style and he wanted to push his entry even further by attempting something that we have never seen before – an acrylic x foil fusion.

With support and advice from our team, Craig had the determination to make his vision a reality and the risky ‘one-take’ nature of the project, led to the greatest reward…

Introducing – The Hazard.

A sumptuous blend of blue toned acrylic, a molten satin gold foil (Showtime 6443) and fresh white laces, makes this one dangerously cool tread.

The Hazard is a truly one-of-a-kind creation, all finished by hand and we’re delighted to see yet another creative use of foil.

We say we have a foil for everything and the Hazard just proves the materials creative versatility.

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