Pantone Colour of The Year – 2022

The 2022 Pantone of the year is here and this time it’s 17-3938 Veri Peri. A stunning purple that we have the perfect foil matches for!

First is our Heather Satin Purple Silver (6729) this is by far our closest match to Veri Peri. Named after the delicate Heather flower that blooms in early winter. This colour is available in our AK grade, Heather Purple Silver is perfect for a wide range of uncoated, coated, and laminated papers and boards to create luxurious packaging.

Next up is our Periwinkle Bright Purple (6081) a slightly darker option but still a very close match! This foil was named after the Vinca Minor, more commonly know as the Lesser Periwinkle. A Vinca Minor is a trailing subshrub and the flowers that blossom are periwinkles, a beautiful soft purple colour. Periwinkle Purple is available in our DG, a great general purpose foil ideal for a range of papers and cards.

And finally, our Amethyst Sheen Purple (6719). We’ve chosen this foil to give you as many finish options as possible, the more choice the better. Our Amethyst Purple is a Foilco favourite from us all and is obviously named after the beautiful Amethyst crystal. Available in our SH grade this is one of our most versatile foil grades. From paper to plastics, book cloths and even ribbons our SH grade is great for them all.

This is just a few of our purple foils that we offer, if you would like to the full range make sure you check out our foil range and if you would like a sample of our Pantone matches for this year, please send us an email to

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