Astral Plus

‘All Life Starts Somewhere’ is how we introduced our Astral innovation at the start of 2021.

Striving to keep improving our creative foils, we’ve been hard at work to bring you this latest innovation that reflects yet more light and creates even more movement.

This is Astral Plus.

A genuine greener alternative to conventional glitter with all the glimmer and effect that demands attention and creates brand awareness. This edition offers even more depth and dimension.

Working collaboratively with the inventive minds from Wavefront Technology, we are excited to share our latest creation – Astral Plus. This foil is the most authentic representation of a glitter finish in hot stamping foil, all without the environmental impact.

Available in our VAS grade, this foil is perfect for printing onto a wide range of substrates including gift wrap, luxury packaging, and greeting cards.

And as always, as part of our independent testing, our Astral Plus does not affect the repulpability of the paper and board. Just another reason to choose stamping foils.

2021 has been a huge year at Foilco and our Astral range is an amazing reflection of just that.

We began the year with Astral Gold (7126) and Silver (7154), one of the first environmentally friendly alternatives to glitter and we are excited to finish the year with Astral Plus (7215) an even more hyper-realistic glitter effect foil.

This year we have made so many advancements in improving our product, service, and business and we feel that Astral Plus is a true reflection of the progress we are making to become the best business we can be.

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