Foilco’s Fanfold Range

Printers use them, Creatives love them; we are thrilled to introduce the latest version of Foilco’s fanfold swatches.

The Metallics Range.

This swatch alone boasts 100 metallic foils options including Bright, satin and Sheen finishes. An array of this size is unmatched within the print industry and we are so proud to be able to offer such an extensive choice to the print community.

Arranged to follow the Visible Light Spectrum, the fanfold is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing tool for all your foil needs.

The Metallics Range gives you an instant overview of our stocked metallic foil options. Featuring more colours, more finishes, and more opportunities to get creative with colour.

Nearly 4 x as many foil options than other suppliers, Foilco are the first name for brands looking to design more exciting and disruptive brand assets through print.

This sizeable offering allows brands to be more expressive in their foil choices, whilst helping others to align special finishes to already existing product ranges and achieve closer colour matching opportunities.

The Specials Range

The Specials Range is packed with an incredible 44 foils, including 12 brand-new unique foils. From a huge range of holographic patterns in a selection of different colours, including our scratch-off and transparent foil options.

We are proud to able to share such a broad range of special effects and finishes for the print and creative communities.

For the Specials Range we added something a little extra.

To ensure admiration for some of our special foil offerings we have printed 5 larger panels using a selection of our favourite foils, so you can see the full extent of each pattern.

The highlighted foils include:
Aslant Holographic Silver (100F754)
Bifrost Holographic Black (600F755)
Slick Multicoloured (6759)
Beam Holographic Silver (100F753)
Bifrost Holographic Silver (100F755)

We believe that you should experience the full span of these foils as it is an important consideration for specifiers and creatives to understand just how to utilise their characteristics within a design and which options will provide maximum impact potential for your next project.

The Pigment Range

Our Pigment Range includes 63 foils, including Gloss, Matt and Pearlescent finishes as well as 11 new foils.

The wide range of colours available allow brands and designers the opportunity to be more expressive in their foil choices, creating colour combinations that are bold and unique to them.

Our new Pigments Range includes standard gloss and matt pigments alongside, the Foilco favourite, fluorescent finish and a range of pearlescent foils.

Our fluorescent foils are the perfect addition to add that wow factor to any printing project. We offer 4 electric colours in our fluorescent range which includes –

Club Pink (6638)
House Orange (6639)
Smiley Yellow (6640)
Trance Green (6725)

These foils are bold, bright and add that pop of colour that you need to stand out from the rest. They are just the beginning of the huge range of foils that can be found within our Pigments Range.

With the addition of 11 new pigment foils, our Pigment Range definitely has the foil you are looking for.

If you are interested in receiving your own set of fanfolds please send us an email to or request a set HERE

Designed by @studiodbd
Photography by @thomatkinson
Does supplied by @dreyerkliche

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