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In May 2021 we released our Foil Scans project which we created with the help of Chaos and Where Giants Roam and today, we turn full circle with the latest case study we excitedly share with you.

Studio Yoke is a talented design agency based in Nottingham which has recently unveiled the latest branding update for Cartwheel Coffee.

Cartwheel Coffee is a small coffee roastery with a collection of cafes based in Nottingham which focuses on buying traceable higher quality coffee from individual farmers. They are all about sustainability, starting with their packaging.

Studio Yoke embraced Cartwheel‘s important messages and took them into account in every aspect of the rebrand.

A huge part of the rebrand was the product packaging starting with their tasting cards. With different originating countries, processing techniques and roasting profiles the team developed a unique and pleasing visual way-finder to help customers choose a coffee quickly. They went with a set of coloured gradients to cover a wide variety of potential coffee tasting notes.

Keeping sustainability in mind the team chose to go with GF Smiths Extract paper. A pioneering paper that is the result of a unique collaboration between consumer, recycler and papermaker. Working alongside CupCycling, G F Smith created Extract, a zero-waste process that sees 95% of each cup recycled converted into FSC certified paper fibre. The remaining 5%, which is plastic, is used for energy recovery in the production of recycled paper.

By choosing Extract for Cartwheel Coffee tasting cards, they minimise the environmental impact of coffee cups whilst creating a cyclical sustainability loop – INCREDIBLE.

Next in product design were the coffee bags. When we released our foil scans project, we worked with the incredible rendering studio Where Giants Roam to help create a series of digital renders of our foils on different colour paper backgrounds. This allowed our customers to see the foils on light and dark backgrounds and the different effects those papers had on the foil’s finish

For this project, Studio Yoke used our scan of Prism Holographic Silver (SHLR) to create the digital renders of the coffee bags. A project like this is an amazing opportunity for us to be able to see the potential of work that can be created using our foil scans.

The overall rebrand was a huge success and we are thrilled to see our foils scans project being put to good use.

Have you used our foil scans for a recent project? Let us know. We are always eager to share customers’ work which showcases our foil scans project.

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