Foilco x Winter & Company x Chaos

We are delighted to see Winter & Company, one of the world’s largest suppliers of board and cover materials, embrace the Chaos scans technology.

We passionately believe that 3D visualisation and photo-realistic rendering will be the future of print specification and product mock-ups.


With over 1300 scanned materials being added to the Chaos scans library coupled with 300 of our decorative foils already available, this offers creatives and brands the chance to visualise over 300 thousand potential foil and material combinations. This collaboration opens up creative possibilities for brands to explore new and exciting brand visuals like never before.

Digital examples of a bag and box using Foilco Foil Scans and Winter & Company Material Scans

The @chaosgroup scans technology ensures that there is a consistent appearance between the digital prototype and the final physical product. Product packaging, books and all other print assets appear seamlessly lifelike. This leads to a reduction in dependency on physical mock-ups during the early stages of a packaging project.

 Altogether, this allows the customer to see their product in a completely digital and true likeness format.

 The collaboration of @wintercompany_group@foilcoltd and @chaosgroup has laid the foundations for an exciting ecosystem for both digital artists and print enthusiasts. Thanks to this project, the ability to share ideas, concepts and visuals in a digital space brings the physical world of print closer to the metaverse-type future that is on the horizon. 

For a #PHYGITAL future.

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