Foilco’s Quality Control Department

Here at Foilco, we aim to supply only the best product to our customers. To do that, we have a thorough Quality Control department.

Our QC team conducts tests on each foil that enters the premises to ensure consistency and quality throughout.

Every roll of foil that enters Foilco is thoroughly tested to ensure that each foil is up to our Quality Check standard.

We begin by giving each roll a unique batch number.

Before a roll is added to stock, it is checked for release, colour, adhesive strength, and weight.

We begin by testing the release of the foil on our Opus Goldcover, using a specially made die from Dreyer Kliche. Each die has nine grids that include a range of different fine detail structures as well as standard thickness lettering and solid area. We use this piece of equipment to check the consistency of release across multiple grades.

A great example of this is our DR grade, a common grade for a lot of our metallic foils. We test this grade on uncoated and coated boards to allow us to monitor consistency for the correct materials that this foil would most likely be used on. As standard, we work at 120 degrees with a pressure of 6 and use Rubbercloth as the makeready.

Next, we check the colour of each foil using an Alwin Colour Test Exact X-Rite Pantone machine. This is an extremely important part of our process as it allows us to obtain an accurate comparison of colour rather than just looking at the foils. We know how frustrating it can be to purchase a foil which arrives and is a completely different colour to what you were expecting. Our colour test is just how we avoid that.

After colour checking, we head over to our Memesin Torque Force Multitest 2.5i. This machine gives a live graph to the peel of the adhesive from the foil. This test is done using a 5N load cell and allows us to have two readings of the workability of the foil which adds even more assurance.

Finally, we check the weight of each foil using our USS-DBS14-1 Weighing Scales. To do this we take two 100mm2 pieces from either side of the roll and weigh each one to make sure the coating weights of the foil are consistent throughout. If the weights are not correct this could mean, there will be inconsistent print across the web. If it’s 0.1g +/- per 100mm2 from standard this is rejected.

As you also know, we don’t just offer hot stamping foils we also supply a variety of Toner and Textile foils which go through the same testing processes as our hot foils.

For Toner foils, we test using a Peak Toner Laminator PHS-33 0. We have pre-printed sheets that cover all types of lettering, size and detail large, medium and fine. The best way to test toner foils is all in the peel, only passing the foil based on the excess left on the sheet of foil.

No excess is a pass!

Next, our Textile foils are tested using our test shirt press PixMax. Using Pre-glued shirts we test each textile foil, again each foil is tested by seeing the remaining excess left on the sheet of foil at the end.

Finally, as you may already know on our website each foil grade has a datasheet to match it. The last machine in our QC department is the Multi-temperature Hot Stamp KKS Hot Stamping Press AC5. This machine allows us to test the foil at four different temperatures, 90, 105, 120, and 135 allowing us to create accurate datasheets for customers when required.

All our QC tests are kept for 24 months meaning any customer enquiries can be answered quickly and advice can be offered immediately.

If you have any questions about our QC process, please email

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