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Fine Detail Foiling

We understand the importance of definition in design when foil stamping

Fine Detail foiling describes the definitions found within foiling. It is important to consider the complexity or intricacy of design when using stamping foils. Here at Foilco we have a grade for every application and definition.

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What is Fine Detail Foil?

The smaller and finer the detail you add to any artwork destined for stamping foil, the higher the chance of some of the details filling in. Consider the size of gap areas between lines in extremely delicate and intricate designs, these areas are more prone to filling in.

Foil for Designers
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Fine detail foiling advice

It is advised to avoid producing dies/artwork that incorporate both very fine and very large solid areas for foiling.

Using typography?

When using typography or font in your designs, consider the size of the Counter(s) you are working with. Identifying and using the right print finisher is important, a great finisher can achieve pristine foiled results down to 1pt of line thickness.

Samples and testing

Sample foiled swatches, pRInteR Rolls oR ask us to test your stock.

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