Foilco Looks Back at 2021

It’s 2022 and we have a busy year ahead of us but to start off we want to look back at our proudest achievements and creations of 2021.

Craig Black – The Hazard

The collaboration with Craig Black was a slightly different project to what we are used to. We are known for our foils being printed onto papers, cards, packaging but Craig wanted to try something we hadn’t done before.

Craig is known for his acrylic pour artwork and after his amazing success with a range of acrylic pour footballs for the 2020 Euros he was approached to transform a pair of Air Jordan 1’s into a work of art.

After pouring a blend of blue toned acrylic onto the shoe Craig finished the details off with our Showtime Satin Gold (6443). This was a truly unique collaboration that we were extremely happy to be a part of and we can’t wait to see what Craig’s next big project will be.

The Astral Range

Next up is our Astral range. The astral range was a huge achievement for us, and we were so thrilled to be able to create an eco-friendly, recyclable alternative to glitter. It was all the sparkle without any consequences to the environment.

We have recently improved this product & released it as Astral Plus (7215). This is a genuine greener alternative to conventional glitter with all the glimmer and effect that demands attention and creates brand awareness. This edition offers even more depth and dimension without the negative environmental impact.

Foil Scans

In May of last year, we unveiled one of our most ambitious and industry changing projects that we have done to date.

Working alongside the amazing team at Chaos we had over 270 of our foils painstakingly scanned in true-likeness and uploaded onto the Chaos Scans Material Library, a digital materials hub which is available to digital artists and rendering studios.

The digital foil library allows creatives and agencies using the V-Ray plug-in the chance to drag and drop our foils into their digital mock-ups. This gives brands and clients the opportunity to see an array of different foil choices on their packaging without the need for multiple physical mock-ups.


From our foil scans project came THOUGHT. The THOUGHT project was the perfect way to showcase this new technology from concept to production. We enlisted the help of D8 to design a unique concept whisky brand called ‘THOUGHT’.

The whisky acts as a representation of the blending of all four parties and the part that they played within this project; Foilco have the products, D8 have the creativity, Chaos have the technology and Where Giants Roam have the skills to bring it all to life.

Together we created THOUGHT.


The concept of Ikigai helps to draw together harmony between your lifestyle and daily routines, something that we are sure many people are still trying to figure out especially in a time where nothing is constant. Ikigai truly resonates with us at Foilco we were able to take the Ikigai concept and create something that not only showcases our foils potential but also tells our story.

This was such a great looking product that we received the award for Finishing at the 2021 Print Solutions awards.

Well-Being Committee

After the extremely tough year that was 2020, we approached 2021 with a new mindset and plan towards our staff’s well-being. We introduced the Well-being Committee, a small team run entirely by our staff which will help make decisions and changes to the business to maintain a greater balance between work and home life.


The team takes suggestions from the staff themselves and works out ways to implement changes to benefit the whole team and of course they also organise outside of work ‘team building’ days!

We are so happy with what we have achieved as a team in 2021 and we will continue to strive to be part of incredible projects and create even more innovative foils in 2022.

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